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Asking For Permission

Sometimes I struggle with Michelle Obama’s phrase “When they go low, we go high." Too many times it feels like people who play by the rules ‘lose,’ and those who just do what they want and deal with any consequences later wind up getting the result they desired. The “high road” can sometimes be foggy. 

Lots of people play dirty. In politics, life, sports, at work, etc. people play dirty. Boys are taught to “man up” at a young age (i.e. don’t cry, be tough, do whatever you have to do to win, etc.), where girls have the expectation to “be a lady” (i.e. subservient). 

Asking for permission has its place but it should also have its limits. Some of it has to do with our personality, our culture, how we were raised, etc. But it’s absolutely not reasonable to expect women to ask for permission for EVERYTHING, when we don’t ask men to do the same.  

Seek the more acceptable medium, but do your life the way YOU want. If our actions unintentionally harm someone by doing so, we might ask for forgiveness. When we work to co-exist we’re stronger together, but should be no apologizing for who we are. 

What is something you’ve asked for permission to do, but realized later that you really didn’t need to?

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