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Fear Factory

The Fear is real. It’s our body and mind’s built-in defense mechanism to protect us and help keep us safe from physical harm and danger. It’s such a powerful emotion that it has the ability to shake us to our core. 

But the perception of a fear can prevent us from embracing our greatness. A fear of failure, of what others may think about us, or endless 'what if' scenarios of things that could go wrong. That Fear is a straight up freaking bully. 

To protect ourselves then we tell ourselves, whether it's consciously or subconsciously, that we couldn't possibly do something and justify it with all kinds of reasons. In this way we let fear hold us back from doing things we really love and living life authentically, to the fullest. Today's homework: 

Name a persistent fear that prevents you from moving forward.

Bonus points: Identify a fear you have for each of the following categories: personal goals, career, relationship, and loving yourself (i.e. your Greatness). 

We ask you a new question every Monday, and we encourage you to take a few minutes, without distraction, and be completely honest with yourself in answering them. Our goal is to help us all reframe and incorporate our vulnerabilities towards the path of living an authentic life. 

Keep flattening that curve! It's working! 

I was scared, now I'm petrified

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