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Featured Woman: Jean Marie Biele

Jean Marie Biele is a photographer from Central Florida, who up and moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her dreams. She was always the girl with a camera in her hand and for the past decade, she honed her craft and turned her part-time passion into a full-time career.

Having recently relocated to Los Angeles, she is proud to focus full-time on photography, specializing in portraits, editorial fashion, and lifestyle photography. 

Inspired by traveling, Jean Marie was always mildly into photography because of her parents, but it wasn’t until a trip to the UK and France when she was twenty that it really struck. She felt a strong desire to document what she saw and realized then that she had something resembling talent. Or at least something that looked like it could evolve into talent. She didn't think she wasn’t great, but it was really the only thing she ever enjoyed doing and felt that she was kind of okay at it.

It took a long time to find the aspects of photography that she really enjoyed. In fact, she honestly states that she is still figuring it out, but she's closer than she was ten years ago. She tried it all: weddings, families, sports, concerts, portraits, etc. She learned that she absolutely love shooting with models and creating artful pieces together as a team. 

To this day, she wouldn’t say that she's “made it”, but she does feel like she's come a VERY long way.

"I’ve had my ups and downs and I’ve definitely lost faith along the way. It wasn’t until last year that I truly put 100% in learning my craft and hustling to get paid work. I’ve learned so much in this past year and I know this is my real beginning. Just getting paid to take photos, no matter in what capacity, still blows my mind. It’s so humbling when people reach out to me to get their photo taken. I hope that feeling never fades. To reach this level, I actually just believed in myself and took what I wanted. It’s amazing how far believing in yourself can actually take you. I’ve struggled a lot with self-confidence and this past year has been one big life lesson that slapped me in the face. I had support and I started to believe I could actually do what I love. And guess what? I did! That blew my mind and it still does. It’s so simple, but really very effective. It only took me nearly thirty years to figure it out!"

On a side note, she is obsessed with true crime podcasts and riding motorcycles.


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