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Good Trouble

Hannah Watters, a high school student at North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia, posted a photo on Twitter that went viral. The photo showed students walking in a packed hallway with a “10% mask rate.” 

As a result she was suspended for violating school policies, but was reinstated a few days later after the school reversed their decision. The school then subsequently reported several cases of coronavirus, and has now decided to close with over 1,100 students and staff under quarantine just 8 days after opening. 

When Hannah was asked why she decided to post the photo, she said it was “some good and necessary trouble,” and just wanted to “keep everyone safe." ”Good trouble” is in reference to a term from Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis who recently passed at the age of 80. 

No matter what level of change we want, whether it be social norms, laws, or for ourselves, we have to fight for it because the status quo won’t let it happen otherwise.  

What kind of “good trouble” can you see yourself getting into?


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