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How much do you care what other people think?

We all care what other people think about us to one degree or another. But how much is too much? How far do we go to impress other people? How far to do we to never feel like we are disappointing someone? Is age a factor? Do we care less as we get older? Or is it a matter of learning who's opinions to value and when to value them?

To hear other people’s opinions of ourselves can be tough, especially if it comes unsolicited and with some bad intention. Power and strenght can come from being able to hear that feedback and being able to evaluate it objectively. But to give your power away, to allow someone else to dictate who you are is unacceptable and will never present a path of authenticity. We must learn to value our own opinions of ourselves above those around us. 

 How much do you care what other people think?


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