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I Suck At Everything

As we move through life and work on achieving our personal goals, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the tasks that are associated with the work. What makes it worse is we’re being constantly seeing lots of “perfect” people on social media who appear to be flawless and have everything figured out. We subconsciously compare ourselves to them, and as a result feel demoralized. 

If we take a minute every day though and think about what we’re doing well, that helps shift our perspective and gives us building blocks towards what we want to achieve. In other words, don’t forget to celebrate your small wins! 

Take a minute, right now, and answer this question:  

What are you doing well?


We ask you a new question every Monday, and we encourage you to take a few minutes, without distraction, and be completely honest with yourself in answering them. Our goal is to help us all reframe and incorporate our vulnerabilities towards the path of living an authentic life. 

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