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Our New Brand

by Paul Kim

When we first launched Good Girls Gone Great last year, it started out as a personal project with my daughter and I. The goal was to introduce her to business, entrepreneurialism, e-commerce, and all of the ups and downs that go along with starting something. It was also to provide her with some exposure to other, different paths that exist in life, and not just the one that society lays out nice and neatly for her. To provide her with experience to help her realize and create her own path in life as a young woman.

We hit some bumps along the way and without much needed clarity, our efforts slowly started to give way to everything else going on in our lives. Then we met Leigh. Super creative, talented, and had a vision. We shared ideas and talked about what we thought it could be. Suddenly the project turned into something much bigger than ourselves. We realized the brand had a huge opportunity and potential to build a powerful community that empowers girls and women. 

Today is a big milestone for us as we kick off our new journey with you. We hope you take a moment to check out our new site and read our mission statement. We always welcome your feedback, and hope you join us in our quest.

To discovering greatness!

Good Girls Gone Great Fall 2018 behind the scenes from Paul Kim on Vimeo.


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