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Our Perception Is Our Reality

The concept of the phrase “your perception is your reality” is fascinating. Our perception is not reality in the literal sense of course, but quite often it becomes our reality. It’s very easy to allow our past experiences, emotions, self-interest, and preconceived notions to become our reality, and thereby turns whatever we believe into our truth. 

Many times this can manifest itself in a negative or unproductive way when it comes to ourselves, for example in the form of limiting beliefs, self-hate, or some other form of denigration. 

But if that’s the case, why is it so difficult to create a positive perception / reality for ourselves instead? That leads us to today's question: 

What perception of yourself do you want to change?


Every Monday we get real. We ask some introspective questions and encourage you to take a few minutes, without distraction, and be completely honest with yourself in answering them. Our goal is to help us all reframe and incorporate our vulnerabilities towards the path of living a fulfilling, authentic, kickass life. 

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