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People Pleasing

People love people pleasers. They never say no. You can always count on them. They even offer to go out of their way to help you. I know, I’m a recovering people pleaser myself. Of course being a people pleaser has its downsides, including an unhealthy pattern of behavior. 

Typically being a people pleaser is rooted in either a fear of rejections and/or a fear of failure, coming from experiences with people close to us early in our lives. This can lead to the development of some bad habits, including neglecting our own health, resentment, stress, depression, and being taken advantage of. 

Remind yourself every once in a while that it is ok to say no. Know that people may be disappointed, maybe even angry, or you might experience some guilt especially at first. Keeping healthy boundaries allows you to fill your soul with good energy so that you in turn have some to give to others. 

When was the last time you said no?

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