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The Power of Voice

Social media has become an important part of communication and shaping our minds. It's become a device for people to learn and more importantly listen. We came across this post of a young man confronting openly his history with inherent, generational racism. He talks about how his father speaking bad about people of color translated to him as a young child.

He considered himself lucky to have gone to a school that had a class on racism as they provided him and other students a safe space to discuss and reflect on what racism is. Based on that he made a hard and very vulnerable statement, he himself was a racist. Through constructive discussion, ongoing self-analyzation, and being willing, open and vulnerable to receive different perspectives and views, he continues his work and desire to become a better person.  

Parents, teachers, peers, and the media we consume are the original, most powerful influencers that shape who we become as we grow up and become adults.

Who are the influencers that shaped some of your opinions, and what are those opinions?


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