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What's Your Opinion?

We are a diverse human race, and nature has intentionally made us different from one another. We grow by learning about our differences, which broadens our perspective, empathy, and understanding about others as well as ourselves. But lately it feels as though we've lost our ability to have respectful disagreements and debates with each other, where divisiveness is the new norm.  Is it impossible to accept other people having opinions that are different than ours, including our family members? Has social media made it too easy to express our opinions? Is the ability to make hurtful comments easier because of the internet's anonymity?

Different opinions are what make us as a society great. The ability to debate, respectfully, gives us great understanding of others' expirences and allows us to compromise. It is what moves society forward as a whole. Therefore our opinions matter just as much as anyone else’s, and expressing them respectfully brings us into a deeper understanding of who we are as individuals. But how do we do that? First, it is recognizing that all voices are equal and accepting that not everyone will agree with you.

What is one of your most unpopular opinions? 

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