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Write Your Obituary

Is dying the one thing in life that we take for granted most? It’s final, there’s no alternative. It’s inevitable, yet understandably no one wants to talk about it.

A woman who worked in palliative care wrote a blog post that went viral a few years ago. In it she shared the 5 most common regrets that she learned from people during their last three to twelve weeks of their lives. 

The number one most common regret of all was people who wished they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves, and not the life that others expected of them. 

It may seem morbid, but we can use death as a positive. We can use it to be a primary driver for us to make the changes in our lives that we always wanted to, to not wait for tomorrow or when the timing is right. It may be difficult, people may not accept the real us, it may get worse before it gets better. But we are never alone in this gigantic world. Other people are going through the exact same things as us. We just have to find the courage to look. 

Let’s start at the end. Write your obituary. Think about how you would like to be remembered. Then let that be your roadmap, and work backwards from there.

Write your obituary. 


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