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Our Story

Mission: To create a proactive mindset and empower women to live authentic lives.

What: We donate a percentage of our net proceeds to Step Up Women's Network. Our mission drives us to encourage, support, mentor, and create a tribe of badass, purpose-filled women with products designed with a passion for equality and diversity. 
 We value integrity and independence. Creativity and non-conformity. Experiences and wanderlust. We are lifelong learners with a relentless pursuit of self-improvement. 
We also recognize the struggles. The fears. The ups and downs of the journey. The daily battles associated with being a woman in society. We strive to create an inclusive mindset in which all girls and women are empowered to pursue their fullest potential.

Why: We’re a tribe with a goal to change the narrative. We celebrate courage and bravery in the face of opposition, and value progress over perfection. We’re tired of seeing identities falsely shaped by external influences. Of inequality and injustice. Actions based on the endless expectations of others. Of curated “lives” on social media affecting our perception of ourselves. Of companies and entire industries capitalizing on women’s fears and insecurities. We want to be examples for the generations that follow. 

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